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  7. Health Questions In an emergency and also to establish your physical readiness to exercise please answer the following questions. These will be treated in the strictness confidence;
  8. Blood clotting disorders?
  9. High or low blood pressure?
  10. Elevated blood cholesterol?
  11. Diabetes?
  12. Chest pains brought on by physical exertion?
  13. Epilepsy?
  14. Dizziness or fainting?
  15. A bone, joint or muscular problems?
  16. Asthma or respiratory problems?
  17. Any sustained injury or illness?
  18. Any allergies?
  19. Are you on any medication?
  20. Has your doctor ever advised you not to exercise?
  21. Are you of any reason not noted above why boxing may not be suitable for you?
  22. Are you up to date with your tetanus?
  23. I have read the club rules and agree to abide by them. I will not hold the club or coaches liable for personal injury. My personal effects and equipment are my own responsibility.
  24. Parent/guardian; I agree for my child’s image to appear in press and the media featuring the club’s activities.
  25. Parent/guardian; You agree for the club to seek immediate medical attention if your child should need it, including transfer to a hospital.
  26. I have completed the health questionnaire accurately and will advise the club of any change in my/my child’s medical condition that may affect my/my child’s ability to participate in the boxing training. I give permission for my details to be stored on a secure computer database and for the club to send me emails.
  27. Please answer the question below